Our Philosophy

At SushiStop, everything is served on small plates at a fixed price of $2.95. No, that’s not a typo:  every dish is $2.95. We do this to encourage our customers to be adventurous with our diverse menu, daring to try different things they’ve never had and take risks on new creations.

We want to revolutionize the sushi industry by offering authentic Japanese quality while at the same time eliminating the high prices you find nearly everywhere else.  Maybe it’s crazy, but we think everyone should be able to afford to enjoy high quality sushi anytime they want to.

Our owner, Shuji Kimura, is so dedicated to this idea that he personally handpicks the fish we serve seven days a week.  To further ensure our customers get the highest quality product, each SushiStop location is helmed by a Japanese executive chef with at least twenty years of experience in the sushi industry.

Our goal is to serve the highest quality sushi at the best possible price, and we work hard each and every day to make this a reality.  We hope that you enjoy.

Shuji Kimura

Born and raised in Okayama, Japan, Shuji Kimura was always surrounded by food.  As the son of a fisherman, Shuji became an expert in the intricacies of fish in particular.  It was only natural, then, that when it came time for the young man to venture out and find a craft, he found himself in Kyoto at the Hotel Fujita under the strict tutelage of an edomae style sushi sensei.

After mastering his craft in Japan, Shuji immigrated to the U.S. with the dream of owning his own restaurant.  For over twenty years, he held on to this dream while beginning a family and working as a full time sushi chef.  In October of 2010, his dream was realized when he opened SushiStop on Sawtelle Boulevard.

With an incredible work ethic, Shuji built SushiStop into a multi-venue operation of the highest quality.  Sushi is his passion, and he has not taken a single day off since opening in 2010, picking out fish each morning, and personally delivering fish to each location daily to ensure the best fish at the best possible price.

In 2012, his son, Chris, joined SushiStop, and together, they plan to expand the brand throughout Los Angeles to dispel the myth that amazing sushi has to cost an arm and a leg.